Why OutSourcing

With costs persistently on the rise and IT expertise diversifying away from established centers such as Silicon Valley and into Asia, there's never been a better time to outsource a project overseas.

Here are a few frequent answers companies give when asked why they chose to entrust their projects to third-party vendors or consultants:

  • They can do it cheaper, Outsourcing can cut costs by up to 50%, with equivalent, if not better, results.
  • They can do it better. - Outsourcing allows a company to access expertise, talent and experience that its own personnel may not have.
  • They can do what we can't. - This is especially true for start-ups and new businesses that are struggling to gain their footing. Outsourcing can provide valuable guidance and aid.
  • It frees my people to focus on more important things. - Outsourcing gives you breathing room to focus on your core business, and frees up administrators that otherwise would have been bogged down by vital but labor-intensive tasks.
  • It provides opportunities for my staff to learn new skills and practices and gain technological know-how. - Interaction and collaboration with a greater pool of talent can help your personnel grow professionally by exposing them to a new level of getting things done.